Right now, the Somaliland government is conducting what it considers deportations from its territories of people it considers to be foreigners. Yet many others are considering this to be forced displacement of citizens, a move illegal under international law. Both are true assertions, depending on the position you take on what a country is.

So, what is a country?

The answer to this question may seem obvious but it really is not quite so simple as it appears. You may be surprised to learn that there are no laws which legally define what a country is. Some say “a country refers to a territory with its own borders and…

Once again, Somalia finds itself facing an electoral crisis. After months of rather pointless negotiations, President Farmajo decided he’d had enough and just decided to extend his own stay in office. This is a short essay examining this decision and its consequences.

A little background first.

The country’s elected institutions…

During colonial times, from mid-19th century to 1960, the territories inhabited by the Somalis were split into five to be shared among four colonial powers: The United Kingdom (received two territories), France, Italy, and Abyssinia, formalized in the infamous Berlin Conference of 1884–1885.

The colonial partners first administered the areas…

A. Jama

Nomad who calls Stockholm home. I like writing about politics, philosophy, and entrepreneurship. I love discussing “far-fetched” ideas.

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